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Committed to Education

We at United Church Nursery School (UCNS) are dedicated to pre-school education. In a nurturing environment, our staff facilitates the social, physical, intellectual and emotional growth of every child in our school. We work closely with parents to ensure each child develops age appropriate skills through play and exploration.

Our school was founded in 1966 as an outreach program of the United Church of Rowayton to serve the children in our community. We have provided a quality pre-school education for nearly 1,000 children in our 50-year history. We are licensed by the State of Connecticut’s Department of Public Health under Connecticut Child Care Center Regulations.

Our facility includes four large, well-furnished classrooms and a large playground complete with swings, play structures, a sandbox, slides, and other outdoor equipment appropriate for the pre-school child.

Our school is operated under the guidance of the UCNS Board. This Board, comprised of UCNS parents and church members, work in cooperation with the staff and church in managing the school.



Young children naturally learn through their own activity and discovery. The UCNS classroom is designed with this in mind. Children learn through active exploration and interaction with adults, other children, and materials that are developmentally appropriate. We offer a curriculum that:

  • Develops socialization and listening skills

  • Increases the development of fine and gross motor skills

  • Promotes sound health, safety, and nutritional practices

  • Enhances cognitive skills based on individual readiness

  • Develops a child’s problem solving abilities

  • Stimulates imagination

  • Promotes creative expression in art, music, and dramatics

  • Improves self esteem and independence

We strive to provide these things in a setting where children feel loved and safe.

In addition, we know that family involvement in a child’s school is an essential ingredient in optimizing a child’s education. We promote your family’s involvement by:

  • Holding conferences twice a year in November and April for the Threes, Fours and Pre-K -- and anytime, as needed. 

  • Sending home frequent updates to parents describing what we are doing in the classroom.

  • Asking that you consider serving on our Parent Advisory Board, or volunteer on as needed basis.

  • Holding special events for families and parents.

  • Encouraging you to visit at any time. Join in our fun!

Each year, a brief orientation for child and parent will occur prior to the start of school. This allows the child time to visit “their school,” meet their teachers and acclimate to their new classroom. At this time, parents will have an opportunity to talk to their child’s teacher, and remit all required paperwork.

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